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About Us

The Usher family have been working in the building trade since 1870. Nicknamed, the ‘Klondyke’, the yard was referred to by locals after the North American Gold Rush of the late 19th and early 20th century due to the labour intensive nature and honest drive of George Usher. Many of the buildings making up the centre of Coniston village, George was responsible for, including Yewdale Hotel and the Local Co-Operative Store.

George had a flourishing friendship with the Victorian English art critic, John Ruskin. Ruskin was always interested in Georges work, and we believe that at that time it was George that was responsible for most of the work in his home in Brantwood.

George Usher was followed by his son, George Dixon Usher, who managed the business through until the early 20th century, together with his son, George Warsop Usher and brothers Tom and Dick.

After the death of Warsop Usher in 1973, son’s Ian and Eric Usher continued in the trade and fulfilled the tradition with Ian taking up the joinery side of the trade, and Eric, the building.

The family business has undergone much change over the years in the type of work undertaken to the various expansions. In 1980, the investment of The Meeting Room was launched to create a new Joinery workshop, office and store. 

During the 1990’s, Ian's son, Alec Usher became involved in the joinery trade and gaining much experience over the years has developed into the director of the business, along with a dedicated team.

Today, the building and joinery come together to create

Usher Construction @ Usher Joinery Ltd

in Coniston, The Lake District, where our heritage began.

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